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Spoon Ball – Molly Haslund exploring with us
Move the Neighbourhood With Children, Landscape Architecture & Planning – University of Copenhagen

What makes a good game? Rules! It’s only the rules of football which makes it interesting to look at people running around in a lawn.This week we made a kickstart of our designproces by inviting artist Molly Haslund to come and play with us.
Haslund designed a game with no rules: Spoonball consists of two exact copies of Haslund’s favorite wooden spoon from her own home kitchen, in a oversized scale, Wooden plates and different balls in shape and color. Start playing! Invent new rules along the way!

Spoon Ball can be played by two or more teams with oversized balls and spoons. You can sit and spinn around in a spoon, or do collective choreographies with spoons and balls. Together we invented new tecniques and rules of the game for the Spoon Ball Match.

The aesthetic of the heavy wooden spoons appealed to me. and the playable event folded out not rules of the new game, exploring how ideas, identities and social norms effect us in combination with tools for play in public spaces. Somehow we managed to do that, and had a lot of fun.

Haslund challenge our physical spaces, reflections on the commons and how scales makes us behave in different manners or collective play in public spaces. Her practice combines performances and sculptures – ment for collective actions which make the participants aware of each other, the space and how we interact together in our everyday life.