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Dialogues across Species 

Embryonic presentation of an inspiring collaboration

Partnership across species with Laura Winge, ByBi (City Bees), and sound artist and researcher Melissa van Drie 2020. Our alignment of fauna has radical consequences for both insects and humans. Homelessness is an increasing problem of this world, homeless insects who, as humans, become homeless in the world we have built. With dialogues across species, we explore new experimental conversations. The conglomerates are conversation pieces created by bees and humans: a sound artist composing from the sounds of bees, and bees adding to human sculptures. The work starts dialogues with other species to imagine future worlds. A search for a subject-object-making dance (Haraway 2015). The project is the beginning of an artistic research project connecting species and researchers with new ways of environmental thinking.

Laura Winge: dialogue pieces, concept and research
Bybi: Bees & Oliver Maxwell
Melissa Van Drie: sound artist and research
Assistants: Frida and Oscar Winge Slotmann